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W3.CSS Web Design Tips - Save time use W3.CSS templates. Crucially, it's important to name your files with the .php extension. Like index.php and so on. You will struggle if you set your website up using .html extensions. This is because open source <?php ?> code will not work in .html files. But html code will work in .php files.

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Essential W3.CSS Web Design Tips

7 Things about W3.CSS web design you should know.

  1. "Cascading Style Sheet" (CSS) make it possible to change every page in your website by making one change in the style.css file. W3.CSS is a FREE CSS style "Framework" already coded for you at
    Check out the W3.CSS code used in this web page. Right click and select "view source".
    Notice all the class="w3-someword" calls.
  2. Another term you'll see is Responsive Web Design (RWD). RWD and W3.CSS are only different in that RWD uses Javascript. W3.CSS does not use Javascript. Both refer to web development with CSS so websites display well on any browser and device.
  3. Regular Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are kept in a seperate web page named "style.css" "called" from places in the HTML of website pages. CSS makes coding the HTML easy with "calls" like id=someword or class=someword. Saving time.
  4. W3CSS frameworks are easier. W3.CSS is already coded and kept on their servers. And linked to in the head section of your web page.
    Whole sections of your HTML are designed and positioned with W3.CSS reference "calls" like class="w3-someword". Saving alot of time. A complete tutorial with examples is at: W3.CSS.
  5. The W3.CSS framework built in to their templates make modern, impressive websites trouble free. With zero effort, "responsive" W3.CSS website templates look great on any device. I created this website using the W3.CSS Startup Template. With little effort anyone can gain valuable insight to website design, coding, and development.
  6. PHP combined with W3.CSS templates is powerful yet easy to master.
    Google "w3 php includes" for example. Similar to CSS, PHP "include statements" allow changes to all pages that have <?php include footer.php;?> where footer HTML would normally be. This is done by changing a single footer.php file. Yay!
    Everything a new web developer needs to launch a safe, secure, and modern website with PHP is available at w3schools/php.
  7. Easy HTML validation can be done at: W3C. Put in your domain name and you'll get a list of problems to fix so your website displays properly on all web browsers and devices. 😊

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