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Basic Dynamic PHP Web Security Safeguards

Essential Website Security - Secure websites build confidence for your visitors. People notice the smallest details and very quicly form an opinion about a website. The most obvious thing is the little lock at the far left of the browser URL field. If that does not show a locked lock icon, it will show something like a triangular yield icon. And state "Not secure". You must have a "Secure Socket Layer" certificate installed so your website URL reads "https:" not "http:" and shows the lock.

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Website Security Design Safeguards

Essential web design security secrets.

  1. You can do it. There are just a few things to keep in mind.
  2. It is safest not to put your personal phone, email, or other private info on your website. That will prevent id theft.
  3. Contact forms allow visitors to send emails to you without publishing your email address on your website. That cuts down on spam and keeps your personal info private. Many W3.CSS website templates have contact forms built in. You will need a secure PHP email processing script. Go to my PHP Code Tutorials site for the code you need.
  4. Your website is kept on a server. Your home computer is a client. Usually MS Windows. The operating system you want on your host's server is Linux (a UNIX variant). Another term you'll see is Apache. Apache is a program on a Linux computer makes it a server so files can be "served" across the web to client side computers that are connected to the internet.
  5. Website HTML, CSS, and Javascript code is executed on the client side. PHP is executed on the server side. PHP is the safest code because your code cannot be seen when someone right clicks your website and selects "view source". Javascript and the others can be seen and hacked. That is why you want use PHP for your contact form.
  6. The W3.CSS framework is "called" from the servers at w3schools servers. PHP, HTML, and other code is "called" from your host's server.
  7. Use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for your website. So browsers will show your site is safe to visit. SSL passes all content through encryption. And the "Safe Lock" will disappear if happen to use an image with malicious code.
  8. See how easy it is. Nothing to it. Now grab a template and get started ! Website coding is a great hobby and can be profitable. 😊
  9. I will help you succeed and be sure your web design project is safe and secure for you and your visitors. Message me for free support.

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