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Basic Dynamic PHP Web Design

Dynamic Web Basics - Only use open source PHP, MySQL, CSS, and JavaScript code. Ajax & JjQuery are essential as well. Use caution when using compiled JS code that comes with a download. It's hard to trust it if its a mile long and you can't read it easily. It's better to use a trusted source like:
<script src=""></script> The idea is that if you use compiled or compressed code that can not be viewed and evaluated for malicious code your website and server are at risk.

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Dynamic Web Design Guide

Easy Dynamic Web Design

In basic form a dynamic website asks users to login. When logged in the user acts on information based on their choices. Examples are Amazon, Facebook, and Capital One. All these use variants of what is known as "Shopping Carts".

PayPal revolutionized e-commerce by offering a cloud based version of the shopping cart. Along with the ability for anyone to accept credit card payments.

Website design has, over the years evolved to use what is now referred to as "The Cloud". PayPal cloud based e-commerce functions are called into websites via the website owners encrypted PayPal account. The HTML CSS and PHP code is arranged in the website design so visitors can purchase items or pay bills.

A very simple example is Central Storage

Simple Dynamic Functionality

Dynamic website user experience is easily done with PHP and MySQL. Open source code with custom modifications allow great varieties of options for web designers in 2021 and beyond!

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