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4 Step Responsive Website Development Guide

Easy to Follow Web Guide - Get your website online in 30 minutes. Here's an easy to follow web design & development, SEO & promotion tutorial. Web Design is Fun! Get Started Soon. Become an Internet Star. The Web is Your Canvas. Let People Know Who You Are. Get Your Site Noticed! SEO is Powerful and Easy. With a well designed website you'll experience online success. Reach out anytime for help.

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4 Steps to Web Development Success

Website Hosting with PHP and MySQL

Step 1

Get Bravenet Hosting. Register a Domain Name

Sign up for a Basic Account and get your website online fast and easy. The file manager at Bravenet is easy as it gets for web designers in 2021. Support is always available and fast.

I have tried GoDaddy, Hostgator and others. They are ok for advanced users. They use cPanel file manager and it can be wonky. Take advantage of my experience. Save yourself some time.

This website is hosted with Using Site Builder PRO

Choose Bravenets "Site Builder Pro" hosting. Do not choose their "Site Builder" as that limits ability to use PHP and MySQL.

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User Friendly Reliable Bravenet Hosting

Some code like PHP, MySQL and Javascript can not be edited in a "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) editor. But you can edit those codes directly. For help reach out to someone with coding experience.

The Site Builder Pro file manager has optional links for WSYWIG or Code Editing right there in file manger.

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Copy and Paste a W3.CSS Template

Step 2

Go to W3.CSS Templates for a FREE Responsive template.

Pick a template. Click the "Try it Yourself" button. Right click while hovering the code. Then "select all", "copy". Now Paste into a plain text document and save to desktop as "index.php". Upload "index.php" to your web host file manager using FileZilla (see step 3 below). Edit the code with your information.

For a new site, its good practice to set up root folder .htaccess password protection until your website is ready for the world to see.

You don't need an HTML editor. It is possible just to edit the template code in the file manager at your website host.
It's best to save each change and see how it looks in a different browser tab. Remember to refresh browser after each change.

w3schools icon

Templates, Code Snippets, and Tutorials offers FREE, secure, and dynamic HTML, Javascript, PHP, and CSS code needed for an effective interactive website. 2021

If you're a newbie. No worries! w3schools gives easy to understand explanations for every example.

Or just send me a message and I will give you all the help you need for free! Just put a small ad on your site pointing to this site. Yay Team!

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Install FileZilla FTP on Your Computer

Step 3

Go to FileZilla and download their FREE FileZilla FTP Client.

FileZilla allows you to upload or download your website files. You can use an HTML editor on your computer or edit in your hosting account.

FTP is short for "File Transfer Protocol"

Whether you use an HTML editor or edit at your hosting file manager, please remember to keep a current copy of your website files on your laptop or computer.

FileZilla FTP makes it possible to easily create directories to help keep your website files organized.

FileZilla Icon

Safe Secure Website File Access

Your website host will have the username, password, and FTP hostname you'll need to connect to your hosting account using FileZilla in their FAQ or knowledge base.

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If you have any trouble at all. Send me a message and I will help you for free! Just put a link back to my site on your home page. 😊

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Step 4

Code website for SEO, SMO and user experience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) brings visitors to your site. Visitor satisfaction is important too.

SEO should include Social Media Optimization (SMO) Promotion (basically share buttons)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a basic but important element of website development. Both SEO and social media optimization (SMO) are vital.

SEO is important so you get visitors from Google searches. But once you have the site arranged so it ranks well. Equally important is Website Promotion. Blogs, search engine directories, Facebook, Twitter and offering to help other websites find broken links and replace them with yours are a few examples of website promotion.

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SEO image by

Focused Relevant Content is King for SEO

Designing websites for SEO performance is like writing essays. Tell them what your going to say. Say it. Tell them what you said.

Tell them what your going to say in the Title tag and main H1 tag. Say it in the H2 H3 and P tags. Tell them what you said in Learn More or Read More links to focused detail pages.

Spending some time carefully designing your site to enhance visitor experience will payoff in 2021 and going forward.

Reach out anytime if you have questions about SEO best practices.

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