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Get Your Custom Dynamic Website Today! Whether you are getting started with new or have existing sites. Contact me for FREE Dynamic Web Development. Including updates promotion and tech support. Premium "Ad Free" service also available.

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Time is Valuable
Best Websites Fast

A dynamic website will supercharge your online presence. I'm a freelance web developer. Not a "Free Website" drag and drop program! I do free web design and development in trade for social media shares, small ads, and links on your site pointing back to this site. Let me save you time by personally doing all the hard work for you.Sign up now! 😊

W3.CSS Templates

SEO focused responsive templates. Choose your style at w3schools Today!

DIY Tutorials

Clear plain language turorials and free tech support keep you up to date.

Dynamic PHP Tutorials

Accept credit cards with PayPal. Shopping Carts, Blogs, Contact Forms, Logins.

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Free Website with Ads

To gain google rank. I offer free service with ads on your site pointing to mine.

Premium Service

No ads required for premiun service. Start with free and upgrade to premium later.

Fast Service

Excellent customer service is the formula for success at Things About Web Design.


Awesome Technical Specs

All web design starts with free W3.CSS responsive templates that look great on any device. For dynamic user experience, free open source PHP, MySQL, and Javascript code are included. All code is 100% guaranteed to pass HTML and PHP validation and security standards. Custom modifications allow great varieties of options for web designers in 2021 and beyond! Read about SEO Specs.

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Eco Friendly Websites
Fast Load Speeds

Website performance, code integrity, user experience, and web page load speeds are checked using the latest analytics available online.
Helping save our planet!

Safe Secure Websites
SSL Protected

Be confident that website SSL and code security is built in to guard against any spam, DOS, and injections. The latest safegauards all help to assure online success in 2021.


Visitor Experience and
SEO is King

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) bring visitors to your site. My web design and development includes SEO and SMO consideration from start to finish. Relevant content is our primary focus during the website design process. Check out my Guarantee Promise

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Focus Centered on
Relevant Content

Designing websites for SEO performance is like writing essays. Tell them what you're going to say. Say it. Tell them what you said.

Coded for Superior
SEO Success

Carefully designed websites enhance visitor engagement experience. SEO performance will payoff in 2021 and going forward.


Website Design Work
100% Guaranteed

While you may not need to save your money. Is there any reason not to? My work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Check out my Portfolio.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

There's no risk at Things About Web Design. All website design work is guaranteed. Every client gets the same great results.
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Free with Ads
Ad Free Premium

You'll love the prompt professional service you get. Choose no charge ad free, or paid, premium web design. 2021 is your year for online Success!


What Clients Say About Us

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Thomas Byerly

Greg completed my website in 3 days. The site incluudes PayPal buttons to accept credit card payments online. Greg added images of my storage facility and placed those nicely on the site. The website looks good on my tablet and cell phone. Thanks for everything Greg. Thomas Byerly.

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I'm a car guy. I built the website and the 1967 Ford F250 truck. My passion for web design is equal to the car and motorcycle enthusiast lifestyle. I will get youur automotive website up fast. Just give me an example site and I'll get you online in no time! Greg M.

Netgains Snapshot

The Netgains Snapshot keeps track of my Stocks and ETFs. I just enter a few numbers at market close each day and I can see which stocks are outperforming the others so I can adjust my portfolio to maxmize returns. Very nice financial application. Anonymous.


All Inclusive Pricing

Pricing is for premium web design service and support. Premium service does not require ads or links on your website pointing to this site. You can choose free web design with ads and links and transfer to premium any time.

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Hi I'm Greg, a freelance web developer with a Marketing Degree from Cal State Fullerton. Dynamic website design development and promotion are my business. I am willing to share my insight. If you need support with your website, please contact me and I'll be happy to help.

Greg M.

Premium Pricing

$499.99 50% off

Available at $30 per hour.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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Frequently Asked Questions

Check the Things About web Design BLOG for more.

Why Offer Free Web Design and Support?

To Gain Search Engine Rank for this Website by helping others succeed online! You keep small ads on your site advertising this site. Of course you will get a link to your site in my testimonials. Dynamic PHP Websites power the internet! 😊. Read more

Are there other costs to have a website?

You will need a domain name at under $20 per year and website hosting for around $10 per month. There are many but I prefer Bravenet. They have reliable servers. And the file manager is intuitive and easy to use. A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate is a must at about $50 per year. Free graphics are ok but for an exceptional website you should plan on a one time investment of around $100 for a couple graphic PNG images.

What is SSL and why do I need it?

Use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for your website. So browsers will show your site is safe to visit. SSL passes all content through encryption. And the "Safe Lock" will disappear if malicious code or images exist in the source code of your website.

How can I add PayPal to my website?

PayPal offers personal and business accounts. The business account has more financial tools available. Either way you log in and select a button type. Then you can easily set up the amounts, look and feel so users can pay bills or shop.

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Send Request for Free or Premium Web Design or Support. Fast help with website issues. No charge for quotes or consultations.

Call: (559) 400-2379

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Contact Things About Web Design

Send me a message: For free Web design or support. Any question or problem is ok. Or just say hello and share your knowledge. My name is Greg. Hope to hear from you soon!

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